Friday, July 8, 2011

Deframing the Frame

A while back, I entered "echoes" into a contest called "Deframing the Frame." The concept:
The goal of this contest is to sponsor the development of single author movies. We have developed a multi-layered idiom that fuses literature with cinema. We like this direction but are open to other attempts to forge a viable form for single author movies. The only other element to keep in mind is that De-framing the Frame is looking to do just that—to shatter the frames that media has placed on events. So the submission should do this in some manner, either overtly or experimentally.
I thought the concept fit well with "echoes" even though my film pushes the boundaries of "single author" by incorporating a single dancer shot on Super 8 along with the animation that I created combined with found photos and footage, but I certainly think it "shatters the frames that media has placed on events." Turns out that it comes down to an audience choice vote, though, which I wasn't expecting. So here I am, asking for you to watch "echoes" on YouTube (or just scroll down and watch it on this blog) and vote for it here: Deframing the Frame - 2011 Audience Choice Vote. Thanks for your support!

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